We are proud to provide the most flexible job for college students, near and far!

Become a STL Sitter

As a STL Sitter you'll meet awesome St. Louis families, set your own schedule, earn money on the spot, and boost your resume!

Perks of Being a STL Sitter

  • Make your own schedule
  • Occasional or Consistent Appointments available!
  • Build your resume
  • Connect with Local STL Families & College Students
  • Get paid CASH after each appointment!
  • STLS has competitive hourly rates.
  • Get compensated for last minute cancellations.
  • You will receive $$ if cancelled on within 24-48 hours!
  • Receive 24/7 support from the STLS Management Team.
  • Our experienced staff is here to help you every step of the way - no matter the time of day!

Rates & Fees


Cancellation fees are paid online and distributed to sitters, for the inconvenience.

*Appointments not cancelled online will result in full hourly rate & time.

Standard NOTICE

  • > 3 Hours Before Scheduled Start Time


  • > 3 Hours Before Scheduled Start Time


Effective 10/19/20: Members will owe the provider $15/hour, regardless of the amount of children present at the sit. Payment is owed at the end of each appointment, directly to your sitter, via Cash, Check, Venmo, PayPal, etc.

Casual Care | hourly rate


consistent care | hourly rate


Additional Hourly Fees

*Child transportation is not included in the hourly payment to sitters.  Transportation fees apply if a member requests driving during casual or consistent care sits, in the sitter's vehicle.

Sick Child(ren)

  • *Members are required to cancel online if their child has Pink Eye, Strep, Hand Foot Mouth, or the Flu.

Family Share



  • *Rate subject to increase based on demand of the holiday.

Mileage Fees

  • Under 10 Miles
$5 Flat

Mileage Fees

  • Over 10 Miles
$.58 / Mile

Other Fee and Rate Notes

Please Note: All appointments have a 3 hour minimum.

Payment to Sitter: Clients are responsible for paying their sitter directly at the time of departure. Sitters can be paid via cash, check, or Venmo!

Full Amount Owed Policy: Members are required to pay providers the full amount for which they are scheduled, regardless if the arrival time back home is earlier than the scheduled end time. If you are unsure of your arrival time back home and would like some flexibility, we encourage members to utilize the Wiggle Room option, when scheduling!

Additional fees will be calculated by the sitter and will be noted, during the checkout process.

Overnight Sitting Rates

For Children Under Age 2:​​

For Children Age 2 and Older:
Normal hourly rate from 7am-7pm & $75 flat rate from 7pm-7am

Sitter FAQs

How do I apply?

You can submit an application online at stlsitter.com in just a few minutes! Our hiring manager will reach out once your application has been reviewed to update you on the status.

How do I get paid?
Do I get to set my own rates?
Are there requirements for my schedule?
Do I get compensated if a client cancels their appointment?
Do I get paid for providing transportation to children?
How does scheduling work?
When can I contact the office managers?
What are the requirements to be a STL Sitter?
How soon after I apply can I start sitting?
I attend an out-of-state school, but I am home for Summer and Winter break. Can I still be a STL Sitter?
Do I always sit for a new family each time I am booked?

Become a STL Sitter!

We are STLSitter. ⁠A local childcare company, taking the hassle and stress out of babysitting. Our providers are reliable, and caring. They are leaders, athletes, musicians, artists, teachers, and soon to be first responders. They are the best of the best and we are lucky to work with them, everyday! ⁠

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