STL Sitter's incredibly unique & innovative Consistent Care software allows members and sitters to be matched in a convenient, efficient, and effective timeline.

By submitting a Consistent Care request, our staff works to pair you with a provider to fit your reoccurring needs (and/or random needs!), unlike any child care service has done before!

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What's New and Improved

Our Consistent Care feature allows members the option to enter any appointments needed for the following 6, 7, or 8-week period. The appointments do not have to be weekly or consistent, but typically the more consistent the schedule is, the more consistent coverage we can provide. Consistent Care Registrations are offered on a rolling basis; so that families can submit their care requests at any time of the year, with whichever start date they prefer, as long as 2 weeks notice is given.

What to Expect & Our Recommendations


Registering your needs

Members can submit their Consistent Care requests at anytime, in their online account! All requests require a start date of 2+ weeks advance notice and a duration of 6, 7, or 8 weeks. The STL Sitter office works on requests in the order in which they are received and will provide a Care Proposal within 7-10 business days of the initial request date.

Your Care proposal

Member's Care Proposals will be sent via email and include a full breakdown of the appointments we are able to cover (with the least # of sitters), the potential sitter(s) profiles, and options on how to proceed. All consistent care requests include the option to schedule a complimentary Meet & Greet video call, prior to confirming or declining care, to ensure all is a good fit!

what's next

Once you have determined that the proposed provider(s) are a good match, our team will enter all requests and send confirmation! Should you choose to reopen the request, our team will work on finding you a new match, as quickly as possible. Please allow an additional 7-10 business days to process reopened requests. *Additional fees may apply.

is there a chance we will not be matched?

Families who submit requests that are not likely to be filled in 7-10 days, based on current sitter availability, will be notified immediately so they can either begin to enter their requests through the normal booking feature or secure alternate arrangements.

Have additional questions?

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Consistent Care FAQs


What is the STL Sitter Matching Program?

STL Sitter’s Semester Matching Program is a booking option for families who have a large childcare request and would like to be matched with 1-3 sitters who can accommodate their appointments for the entirety of the Semester Session; rather than booking with multiple, different providers each month on an as-needed basis.

I have some questions about the matching program, what is the best way to reach someone from the office?


I only need a sitter 1 day/week, can I still register for the Semester Program?

Unfortunately, we are not able to process match requests for 1 day/week. If you are in need of a sitter 1x/week, please submit these needs through the "Make an Appointment" feature in your member account.

What if I need care before the program start date?
I have a few dates outside of the semester program that I need a sitter. Can these be assigned to my program sitter?
What if my confirmed program sitter is sick or needs to request off for travel etc?
Can I still get a consistent sitter even if I don't have a consistent schedule?
What if I need 2 appointments in a day?
Do you have any sitters that are available for a year-long placement?


What are the registration dates for each Fall 2020 session?

Session 1 Registration : July 10 - August 10

Session 2 Registration : September 1 - October 1

How can I register for the Fall 2020 Matching Program?
What can I expect once I have submitted my registration?
Once I complete the Semester program registration, is sitter coverage guaranteed?
Do you offer a waitlist after your official registration window is closed?
What if I want to work with the same provider for session 1 and session 2?


How do I know if I qualify to receive a sitter match?

To qualify for a sitter match via the Fall Program, members must have a need for a weekly, consistent sitter, at least 2 days/week, for one of our 8 week sessions. Members who need less than 2 days/week of care should book their appointments via the “Make an Appointment” feature in their STLS online portal.

Are there any advantages for requesting a sitter match instead of booking with various providers on an as-needed basis?
Can I request a program sitter I have worked with in previous semesters?
Can I meet the sitter I am matched with before the first day of care?
Do I have any options if my sitter does not "click" with my kiddos after the session has begun?


Do all policies for payment, cancellation, and communication apply to families with program sitters?

Yes! All policies listed in our Terms and Conditions remain the same for all sitters, no matter the manner of booking. These policies are in place so that we can provide you with the most efficient service.

Can the sitter transport my children?
What about carseats?
What happens if I need to cancel one of my semester program appointments?
I found alternate care after I submitted my program registration; can I cancel my request?
Do you offer coverage on snow days?
What if I have changes to my schedule after my appointments have been confirmed with my sitter(s)?
What are you COVID-19 policies?


How much does a Fall Program sitter cost?

Members requesting a Fall Program sitter will pay a matching fee directly to the STLS Office at the time of registration. The matching fees are determined by the # of appointments requested each week, and are listed below for reference. In addition to the matching fee paid to the STLS Office, members will still pay their providers at the time of departure from appointments.

2 days/week : $160
3 days/week : $240
4 days/week : $320
5 days/week : $400
*Matching fees are non-refundable
How do I pay my program sitter?
Should I include a tip for my sitter?

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