Casual Care is available for all members 24/7 and on an as-needed basis. Whether it be for a date night, groceries & errands, or spur of the moment plans - our sitters are here to help!

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How it Works

Families are able to login to their online account, enter the time and date that care is needed, and receive options for one-time sitting. Our software will display the available providers, families can browse through profiles, and chose a sitter who will be the best fit for them.

Once your sitter is confirmed, he/she will arrive 5-15 minutes before your scheduled start time and be ready to go! At the end of each appointment, payment will be made via cash, check, or Venmo, directly to your sitter.

Rates & Fees



Membership for STL Sitter is $75 per year. The fee is nonrefundable and will be charged annually to your card on file.


A nonrefundable scheduling fee is paid to the office every time you book a sit. The price of the fee is determined by the amount of notice the office was given.

Normal notice

  • > 48 Hours Before Requested Start Time


  • < 48 Hours Before Requested Start Time


Cancellation fees are paid online and distributed to your sitter for the inconvenience.

*Appointments not cancelled online will result in full hourly rate & time.


  • > 3 Hours Before Confirmed Start Time


  • < 3 Hours Before Confirmed Start Time


Effective 10/19/20: Members will owe the provider $15/hour, regardless of the amount of children present.

Casual care | hourly rate


consistent care | hourly rate


Additional Hourly Fees

*Child transportation is not included in the hourly payment to sitters.  Transportation fees apply if a member requests driving during normal or program sits in the sitter's vehicle.

Sick Child(ren)

  • *Members are required to cancel online if their child has Pink Eye, Strep, Hand Foot Mouth, or the Flu.

Family Share



  • *Rate subject to increase based on demand of the holiday.

Mileage Fees

  • Under 10 Miles
$5 Flat

Mileage Fees

  • Over 10 Miles
$.58 / Mile

Other Fee and Rate Notes

Please Note: All appointments have a 3 hour minimum. It is not required to utilize the provider for the full 3 hours scheduled, however, they will be owed for the full time ($45), at the time of departure.

Payment to Sitters: Members are responsible for paying their sitter directly at the time of departure. Sitters can be paid via cash, check, Venmo, PayPal, etc.! 

Full Amount Owed Policy: If a member chooses to end the appointment earlier than the scheduled end time, sitters are owed for the full amount of time that is scheduled and confirmed for online, in order to compensate for the time they had set aside to assist the family.

Additional fees will be calculated by your sitter and noted at the time of departure.

Overnight Sitting Rates

For Children Under Age 2:​​

For Children Age 2 and Older:
Normal hourly rate from 7am-7pm & $75 flat rate from 7pm-7am

Occasional Sitting FAQs

Booking Questions

Can I choose a sitter for my appointment?

Yes! Once you click on Make and Appointment and enter the date and time you are looking for coverage a list of available sitters will pop up. You can see the name, photo, and profile of each available sitter before selecting someone you think will be a good fit for your family!

Can I meet and interview my sitter before my appointment?
What happens if my first choice sitter declined my request?
Can I text or call my sitter prior to the appointment?
How long will it take to receive a confirmation for my request?
What is the timeline for my confirmation after I have submitted a request when there were no providers available?
Our family really enjoyed our previous sitter, but they are not showing up as available when I go to book. Is there any way to see if they are avaialble?
Can the sitter transport my children?
Can I change the time of a confirmed appointment?
What happens if my child is sick?
Can my sitter help clean my house?
What is a Family Share?


How do I pay my sitter?

Sitters are paid at the time of departure from your home via cash, check, or Venmo!

Do I have to pay each time I book a sitter?
Do I have to pay my sitter for the whole time they are booked?
Do clients tip their sitters?


What happens if I need to cancel one of my confirmed appointments?

All cancellations can be completed in your online client account! A cancellation fee applies if you are cancelling within 3 hours of the appointment start time. All cancellation fees are paid online, via credit card, and sent to your sitter for the inconvenience.

Amount Owed: The sitter will be paid the Full Amount Owed (FOA), if cancelled within 3 hours. This amount will be based upon the amount of time the appointment was scheduled and confirmed for online.

Can I cancel a pending request?

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