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How We Support STL Families

Beginning to navigate your childcare options? Have you been thrown a few curveballs, and can't decide the best way to move forward?

Now, more then ever, families are reaching out to us for assistance in determining how to adjust their needs and how to tackle each changing season.⁠

Weather you need interim care, summer long care, or are already thinking ahead to Fall, talk to one of our local mommas who can walk you through the options!⁠

Not sure what type of service fits your needs best? We can help!

Our Services

Occasional Sits

Occasional sitting is available for clients on an as-needed basis. Whether it be for a date night, groceries & errands, or spur of the moment plans - our sitters are here to help!

Program Sitting

Our Semester Matching Program is a booking option for families who have a large childcare request and would like to be matched with 1-3 sitters who can accommodate their appointments for the entirety of the Semester Session: rather than booking with multiple, different providers, each month.

Group Childcare

Pet Sitting

Annual Membership Fee


Membership for STL Sitter is $75 per year. The fee is nonrefundable and will be charged annually to your card on file.

Join Our Family!

We are STLSitter. ⁠A local childcare company, taking the hassle and stress out of babysitting. Our providers are reliable, and caring. They are leaders, athletes, musicians, artists, teachers, and soon to be first responders. They are the best of the best and we are lucky to work with them, everyday! ⁠

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